2020 the First Online Conference of Belt & Road Alliance for Intelligent Sensing and IoT Collaboration (BRASIC) Successfully Held

Nov 06,2020

The 2020 First online meeting of the Belt & Road Alliance for Sensing and IoT Collaboration (BRASIC) was successfully held on October 30. 47 representatives from 14 countries and regions were present.

BRASIC, initiated by China Instrument and Control Society, aims to build a communication platform in the field of Sensing and IoT, connect innovative resources in countries and regions along the route, and promote international exchanges and cooperation. Representatives from GISI ,Italy, Pakistani universities and companies, Institute of Measurement and Control, UK, Kyoto Automatic Equipment Support Network Association, Japan,Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,Malaysian Robotic Industry Association, University of Glasgow Singapore, Asaen Academy of Engineering & Technology, of Cambodia, PUJA, Brunei Industrial Collaboration Committee, Fed. MES, Mechanical Engineering Chapter the Institute of Engineering Indonesia, Russian Technological University, Iranian universities and enterprises were invited to attend the conference. The guests gave priority and support to the establishment and future work of the Alliance. As the first conference of BRASIC, it was welcomed and praised by representatives of all parties.

Prof.Wu Youhua, the Honorary Vice President of China Instrument and Control Society, started the conference by presenting the history, function positioning, service platform and development projects of the Society, followed by the detailed introduction of the origin, current preparation and operation as well as the future work plans of BRASIC by Ms.Stephanie Shan, Director of the International and Public Communication Department of China Instrument and Control Society. The participants had a heated discussion in the message board and actively asked relevant questions.

Dr.Louis Lock fromInstitute of Measurement and Control, UK was invited to give a speech on "The Impact of COVID-19 on the Sensing and IoT Industry in Western Countries"; Chee fai Tan, President of Malaysian Robotic Industry Association, Prof.Elfed Lewis, professor of the University of Limerick in Ireland, Prof.Kwon Dong su, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, correspondingly analyzed the status quo of the Sensing and IoT industries in Southeast Asia, Europe, and Korea. In addition, the representatives of various countries expressed their congratulations on the establishment of the Alliance, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on its founding and development.

This two-hour long conference ended in a warm and friendly atmosphere. It provided participants with overall understanding of the Alliance and a platform to know each other, thus laying a solid foundation for the future work and development.

It has been decided to hold the second conference in December 2020 to discuss some of the resolutions reached this time.


The meeting room of the video conference(Beijing) (17:00,30,10,2020)


The meeting room of the video conference(Beijing)


Some participants of the video conference(30,10,2020)