About Beijing City


China is one of four cradles of civilization, and Beijing as its capital can be a place where all kinds of Chinese cultures gather together. 

With more than 3000 years of city-building history and more than 850 years of capital-founding history, royal palaces and ancient private residences can be found everywhere in Beijing City. 

There are a total of 7309 cultureal relics throughout the city, of which, 6 are identified as world cultureal heritages, 214 intangible cultureal heritage with Peking Culture, 1350 hutong and 1.5 million square courtyards.

Beijing Capital Airport has over 200 international lines and subways reached up to 336km. Over 180 million travelers visited Beijing each year. There are 5679 conference halls in Beijing, a total area of nearly 0.676 million square meters. Beijing has 729 star rated hotels, 88 preformance venues, 2300 recreational and leisure sites and 31000 restaurants.