WSS 2023 Sub-Forum: Intelligent Logistics was Successfully Held

Dec 05,2023

The Intelligent Logistics Sub-forum of the World Sensors Summit (WSS 2023) was successfully held on November 5. The World Sensors Summit was sponsored by China Association for Science and Technology and the People's Government of Henan Province, the theme of the summit is "Sensing the world, creating the future", emphasizing the key position of the sensor industry in modern science and technology. The summit was consisted of plenary session, 10 sub-activities, production and marketing matchmaking, China-EU sensor industry cooperation and exchange, sensor innovation and entrepreneurship competition, science and technology achievements exhibition. The intelligent logistics and intelligent sensing application scenario activities focus on the application of sensors in the logistics industry, especially the key role of logistics intelligence. The sub-forum, hosted by the China Instrument and Control Society and the China-German Institute of Intelligent Technology, attracted the active participation of many well-known experts, scholars and industry leaders at home and abroad, and conducted profound discussions and wonderful exchanges on the intelligent development and cutting-edge trends of the logistics industry.


The Sub-forum invited world-class experts such as Academician Axel·Kuhn of the German National Academy of Science and Engineering, Professor Fang Dianjun, doctoral supervisor of Tongji University, and Florian·Rothmeyer, visiting scholar of Tongji University, to discuss the development trend of logistics and supply chain. Topics such as the logistics metauniverse era based on sensor technology and the development trend of handling robots based on intelligent sensors were presented with wonderful keynote speeches, presenting the cutting-edge technologies and trends of the logistics industry for the participants.

Professor Axel Kuhn, academician of the German National Academy of Science and Engineering and president of the German side of the Qingdao Sino-German Institute of Intelligent Technology, made a keynote speech entitled "Logistics and Supply chain Development Trend" at the sub-forum. In his speech, Professor Kuhn shared his insights on the future development direction and trend of logistics and supply chain, and put forward constructive and valuable suggestions on the innovation, transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry.


Fang Dianjun, professor of Tongji University, doctoral supervisor and Chinese president of Qingdao Sino-German Institute of Intelligent Technology, gave a keynote speech entitled "Logistics Meta-Universe Era based on Intelligent Sensor Technology" at the Intelligent Logistics sub-forum. Professor Fang Dianjun pointed out in his speech that the introduction of sensor technology in various intermediate links of logistics to realize the digitalization of the whole logistics process is the first step in establishing the logistics meta-universe. The development of logistics meta-universe is not to move from real to virtual, but to achieve a high degree of integration of logistics physical dimension and information dimension through intelligent sensors and actuators. The logistics meta-universe will accelerate the deep integration of the real economy and the digital economy, and promote the generation and development of new business models.


At the exhibition held in the same period as the sub-forum, nearly 300 enterprises and institutions participated in the exhibition, showing their latest product achievements and cutting-edge scientific research technology, attracting more than 10,000 visitor to the exhibition, and nearly 300 of them participated in the Intelligent logistics sub-forum. The exhibition provides enterprises with opportunities for production and marketing docking, absorbing the participation of innovation platforms, science and technology incubation institutions and manufacturing projects, and providing strong support for the transformation of intelligent scientific and technological achievements and brand promotion and expansion of participating enterprises and institutions.


Since 2018, the WSS has been successfully held four editions, attracting widespread attention and high recognition from the sensor industry both domestically and internationally. The intelligent logistics sub-forum is focused on the intelligence of the logistics industry, focusing on the key application of sensor technology in the development of logistics intelligence, injecting new impetus into the intelligent and digital transformation of the logistics industry, and helping the vigorous development of the sensor field and intelligent logistics field.