The President of IEEE Sensor Council visited China Instrument and Control Society

Oct 19,2023

On October 17, 2023, Professor Ravinder Dahiya, the President of IEEE Sensor Council, Professor Ignacio R. M. Maestro of the Public University of Navarra, Spain, and Professor Yang Minghong of Wuhan University of Technology visited China Instrument and Control Society (CIS). Zhang Tong, Vice President and Secretary General of CIS, Zhang Li, Deputy Secretary General, and Shan Huimin, Director of International Communication Department, received guests.


Zhang Tong express his sincere welcome to Professor Ravinder Dahiya and other guests. “We hope that China Instrument and Control Society and the IEEE Sensor Council would enhance mutual understanding through the exchange, jointly take advantage of the organization, achieve long-term cooperation goals, and broaden the channels for scientific and technological exchanges for scholars and scientists around the world,” Zhang Tong noted.


Zhang Li said that China Instrument and Control Society attaches great importance to the international exchanges, is committed to creating an effective platform for scholars and scientists, and promote the integration and development of academia and industry, we hope CIS and IEEE would lay a solid foundation for future cooperation.


Shan Huimin explained the CIS’s Science and Technology Service System from the three dimensions of "talent service" "academic service" "public service", and introduced the current progress of the construction of international science and technology exchange platform.


Ravinder Dahiya expressed his gratitude to the China Instrument and Control Society for the warm reception. President Dahiya express that he had obtained a comprehensive understanding of the business scope of China Instrument and Control Society. IEEE and its affiliated organizations have always placed considerable value on the scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation with China. The IEEE Sensor Council hopes to explore more cooperation projects with the China Instrument and Control Society, including certification for vocational education, mutual recognition of engineering capabilities, co-sponsoring international conferences and co-hosting English journals.


Zhang Tong expressed that CIS looks forward to maintain various forms of friendly exchanges with the IEEE Sensor Council in the future. Ravinder Dahiya said that the IEEE Sensor Committee will maintain in-depth communication on bilateral cooperation intentions, and welcome China Instrument and Control Society to attend the 2023 IEEE Sensor Conference in Vienna, Austria.