The 7th IEEE World Forum on IoT ( WF-IoT 2021)

May 13,2021


The 7th IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things is the premier event of the Multi-Society IEEE IoT Initiative []. It brings the latest from the research and academic community, includes a broad program of papers and presentations on the latest technology developments and innovations in the many fields and disciplines that drive the utility and vitality of IoT solutions and applications.

The Theme for WFIoT2021 is ''The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on IoT''. You will find a comprehensive and exciting program that brings the latest developments from industry and the business world, the most important people from across the breath of the IoT ecosystem, news of significant innovations and advances from the research and academic community, and shared experiences from practitioners and end-users about the successes and challenges of IoT deployments.

This event includes many keynote speeches delivered by distinguished speakers from industry, academia, and the public sector; panels and forums; technical sessions featuring peer-reviewed technical papers; workshops focusing on the latest trends in various technologies; tutorials delivered by experts in respective disciplines; sessions for practitioners, policy makers, and executives.

The forum includes the IoT Community Grand Slam, held jointly with the IoT Community []. The program also contains strong involvement from the public sector and industry aimed at deepening the understanding, the necessary dialog, and actions needed to accelerate the adoption and deployment of IoT.  We have selected well-known Chairs, who can be contacted directly, to create sessions on issues of regional and global importance and to seek prominent and knowledgeable speakers and panelists for the program. For the subjects of interest at the conference we have picked six Vertical and six Topical Areas:

IoT Vertical Sessions:


·Energy and Power

·Environment and Ecology

·Healthcare Medicien

·Industry and Manufacturing

·Smart Cities

IoT Topical Area Sessions:

·Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

·Communications and Networks


·Data and Data Engineering

·Security and Privacy

·Sensors and Sensor Systems

Hundreds of participants will gather to present research results, share visions and ideas, obtain updates on latest technologies, and expand professional networking. These activities are realized through IoT Initiative's multiple diversified and exciting programs.

The World Forum is all about the nurture and promotion of IoT for the benefit of society and humanity. The conference is focused on the betterment of life through the responsible and ethical adoption of IoT technologies, applications, and solutions.

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