Notice on the Essay Collection of the 2020 Academic Annual Conference of China Instrument and Control Society

Nov 20,2019

The 2020 Academic Annual Conference of China Instrument and Control Society is scheduled to open in Shanghai on April 24-26, 2020. The theme of the conference will be “Measurement and control and instrument under a new generation of information technology”. We sincerely invite you to actively submit your essays and participate in the conference, so as to share the newest achievements of measurement and instrument and control with your peers from all over the world.


China Instrument and Control Society

Instrument Science and Technology Discipline Evaluation Group, the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council.

Teaching Steering Committee for Instrument Major at Universities, the Ministry of Education


Shanghai Jiao Tong University

3.Supporting Media

Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument

Process Automation Instrumentation

Optical Instruments

4. Conference Organization Structure

Counselor: Jin Guofan, Zhuang Songlin, Li Tianchu, Ye Shenghua, Wu Youhua

President: You Zheng, Lin Zhongqin

Vice-President (Sorted by the number of last name strokes):
Ma Yushan, Wang Dongjiang, Wang Wei, Ye Huajun, Liu Wenqing, Li Mingyuan, Wu Peng, Zhang Tong, Shao Baiqing, Qian Feng, Xu Daqing, Xu Honghai, Huang Ru, Zeng Zhoumo, Tan Jiubin

5. Seminar Topics

5.1 Spatial measurement and instrument

President: Yang Jun (National University of Defense Technology)

 Tong Ling (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)

Ji Yanju (Jilin University)

Convener: Zhu Lingxiao (National University of Defense Technology)


☆ Spatial measurement theory and technology

☆ Highly reliable system structure design technology of spatial instrument

☆ Spatial networking measurement and control technology

☆ Spatial awareness technology

☆ Establishment, maintenance and transmission technology of the benchmark of time and space

☆ Space exploration instrument and technology

☆ Space navigation and positioning technology

☆ Spatial information quantitative inversion

 5.2 Intelligent instruments in meteorological, hydrological and marine observation

President: Li Bai (Meteorological Observation Centre, China Meteorological Administration)

 He Xiaolei (National Center for Meteorological Metrology)

Lyu Wenhua (Meteorological Observation Centre, China Meteorological Administration)

Convener: Li Songkui (National Center for Meteorological Metrology)


☆ New perception theory and intelligent technology study of meteorological, hydrological and marine instrument;

☆ Study, conversion and application of meteorological, hydrological and marine observation and perception technology and intelligent instrument;

☆ Application and study of meteorological, hydrological and marine observation (detection, monitoring) methods in environment monitoring;

☆ Study on the information transmission means and methods of meteorological, hydrological and marine measurement instrument;

☆ Standard, criterion and metrological verification technology of meteorological, hydrological and marine instrument.

 5.3 Non-destructive testing instruments

President: Shen Gongtian (China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute)

Vice-President: Chen Zhenmao (Xi'an Jiao Tong University)

Convener: Zheng Yang (China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute)


☆ Array detection technology

☆ Imaging detection and intelligent identification

☆ Online monitoring and cloud detection

☆ Product line automatic detection technology

☆ Detection robot

☆ Multi-disciplinary complex detection technology

☆ Advanced detecting sensor and instrument

 5.4 Advanced sensor technology  

President: Zhao Yong (Northeastern University)

 Chen Qingsong (No. 704 Research Institution of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation)

Wei Xueyong (Xi'an Jiao Tong University)

Convener: Meng Fanli (Northeastern University)


☆ Sensing material for sensor

☆ Novel sensing theory and detection method

☆ Manufacture processing and testing technology for Sensor

☆ Design and manufacturing of micro-nano structured sensor

☆ Design and manufacturing of special sensor

☆ Application and industrialization of sensor

 5.5 To promote intelligent manufacturing’s development and related technology

President: Qian Feng (East China University of Science and Technology)

 Tan Jiubin (Harbin Institute of Technology)

Wu Youhua (China Instrument and Control Society)

Yu Meimei (China Instrument and Control Society)

Convener: Zhang Jingli (China Instrument and Control Society)


☆ Development and exploration of intelligent manufacturing under the new situation

☆ Intelligent detection and intelligent measure and control instrument

☆ Digital design, digital twin and virtual manufacturing

☆ Intelligent modeling and whole-process analog simulation

☆ Intelligent control and intelligent optimization

☆ Knowledge-based automation and intelligent decision

☆ Application of new information technology such as big data and Industrial Internet of Things  

☆ Industrial software and industrial APP micro-service

☆ Industrial robot and application

☆ Practice and discussion on promoting intelligent manufacturing in instrument and control industry

 5.6 High-end equipment technology of wisdom medical

President: Cui Daxiang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

 Qi Lifeng (Tongji University)

Ding Xianting (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Convener: Li Hongbing (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)


☆ Medical testing chip and instrument

☆ Optical detection instrument

☆ Diagnostic reagent

☆ Imaging instrument

☆ Biological MEMS detection device

☆ Treatment instrument

☆ Proton treatment instrument

☆ II zone imaging probe and instrument

 5.7 Material micromechanics and long-term service performance test technology

President: Fang Daining (Beijing Institute of Technology, professor, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

 Zhao Hongwei (Jilin University)

Ma Jingchun (Sinotest Equipment Co.,Ltd)

Lu Yonghao (University of Science and Technology Beijing)

Convener: Zhang Jinwei(Sinotest Equipment Co.,Ltd)


☆ Material micromechanical performance in-situ test technology;

☆ Test method and technology of material performance evolution and deformation damage;

☆ Material performance and life prediction test technology for critical components under complex working conditions in industries including automobile, rail traffic and architectural engineering;

☆ Test technology of material service performance of complex loads and coupling under special environment in fields such as petrochemical engineering, oceanographic engineering, electric power engineering and aerospace;

☆ Application technology of nondestructive examination instrument in material damage evolution, safety evaluation and so on.

 5.8 Application of key functional materials

President: Zhou Ji (Tsinghua University)

 Gu Jianfeng (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Zhen Qiang (Shanghai University)

Convener: Nie Zunyu (Chongqing Materials Research Institute Co Ltd)


☆ Metamaterial: electromagnetic black hole and stealth technology substrate metamaterial;

☆ 3D printing material and application: material and technology of powder metallurgy material, polymer, ceramic material, and 3D printing coating layer;

☆ Grapheme material and application: application in grapheme battery, grapheme integrated circuit, grapheme touch screen, grapheme storage and so on;

☆ Microscopic characterization of materials: new technology of structure and performance characterization, characterization technologies of cs-corrected transmission electron microscope, three dimensional atom probe and so on.

 5.9 AI in Intelligent Detection

President: Guan Xinping (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

 Wen Yumei (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Zhao Huijie (Beihang University)

Song Guangming (Southeast University)

Convener: Han Tao (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)


☆ Applications of AI in intelligent sensor and instrumentation system

☆ Applications of AI in condition monitoring, fault diagnosis and prediction

☆ Applications of AI in medical diagnosis and disease recognition

☆ AI methods of sensor signal progressing and multi-sensor data fusion

☆ AI methods for moving object detection  and tracking

☆ AI methods in equipment/structural health monitoring

☆ Intelligent detection system’s sensing data stream and \artificial intelligence

☆ AI technology in intelligent wearable equipment

☆ Applications of AI in  metrology and instrument calibration

☆ Applications of AI in real-time, online  sensor validation

 5.10 Precision spectral analysis system and method application

President: Zhuang Songlin (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology)

 Tan Jiubin (Harbin Institute of Technology)

Wang Jian (Focused Photonics Inc)

Zhu Jianqiang (Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Convener: Peng Yan (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology)


☆ Spectral analysis technology and systematic study

☆ High-resolution imaging system and application

☆ Laser and precision measurement application study

☆ High-resolution frequency comb system and application

☆ Ultrashort optics technology and system research and development  

 5.11 Automation instrumentation and control technology

President: Xu Jianping (Shanghai Institute of Process Automation & Instrumentation Co., Ltd)

 Fei Minrui (Shanghai University)

Su Hongye (Zhejiang University)

Convener: Wu Liying (Shanghai Institute of Process Automation & Instrumentation Co., Ltd)


☆ Intelligent manufacturing and digital equipment

☆ Big data and automation technology

☆ AI and pattern recognition

☆ Detection technology and automatic equipment

☆ Advanced robot and control

☆ Fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control

☆ Sensor networks and internet of things

☆ Information Security and industrial cloud

 5.12 Atmosphere environment monitoring technology

President: Wei Fusheng (China National Environmental Monitoring Centre)

 Liu Wenqing (Hefei institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Wang Jian (Focused Photonics(Hangzhou), Inc.)

Convener: Xiang Guanghong (Focused Photonics(Hangzhou), Inc.)


☆ The latest achievements of domestic and foreign environmental monitoring technologies

☆ Analysis of the sources of atmosphere pollution

☆ Atmosphere particulates observation and measurement technology

☆ Monitoring technology of volatile organic compound in atmosphere

☆ Atmosphere photochemical pollution monitoring technology

☆ The influence of atmosphere pollution on health and ecology

☆ Study on atmosphere environment management and policy

☆ Study on air quality model

☆ Integrated ground-air-space monitoring technology

☆ Emergency detecting instrument and technology in unexpected events

6. University Dean Forum

Zeng Zhoumo (Tianjin University)

Ouyang Zheng (Tsinghua University)

Xu Lijun (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

Liu Jian (Harbin Institute of Technology)

Guo Yongcai (Chongqing University)


☆ Interdisciplinary fusion and the construction of world-class universities and first-class disciplines

☆ Discipline personnel training system construction

7. Notice of essay submission

1. The essays include and not limited to the topics above and University Dean Forum and the essays will be used in conference communication and periodical publishing;

(1) All submitted essays will be included in an essay collection after approval;

(2) Outstanding essays’ authors will be arranged to give presentations, and the essays will be put up as wall newspaper for further communication;

(3) Unpublished essays can be written as the journal article models require and sent to the authors’ favored journals. They can be published in Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument, Process Automation Instrumentation and Optical Instruments after approval;

(4) Please see the essay submission website for the details of the journal article models;

 2. The essays submitted to journals will be reviewed by the editorial offices of the journals. Approved essays can be published preferentially.

 3. The annual conference essay submission website:

8. Key time points

Deadline of essay submission

December 31, 2019

The end of essay review

March 15, 2020

9. Contact

1. China Instrument and Control Society

Zhang Zhen, Tel: 010-82800757

Cao Zheng, Tel: 010-82800670

 2. Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Zhang Yan, Tel: 021-34205206