Call for Speakers and Participation (WF-IoT2020)

Oct 25,2019


Call for Speakers and Participation

Are you interested to take a part in shaping the future of IoT technologies? Are you interested in adding new dimensions to your current IoT projects ? Are you interested in making your IoT system real smart? If you are,IEE WFIoT 2020 is the right place to be.

This conference consists of extensive and diverse programs aimed at participation from the public sector, industry ,government,and the research community.One aspect of the Conference is the Vertica & Topical Area.Tracks that are aimed at the practical side of IoT and intended to share experiences ,successes ,and challenges from IoT deployments with a general audience. The topics (shown below) were specifically chosen to be important to IoT in general, and to industry and the public institutions in our host location in New Orleans and the surrounding region, The Tracks bring together outstanding experts from around the World,practitioners from local institutions,and those interested in almost any aspect of IoT including policy makers; administrators, managers,product and service designers; engineers, researchers;and those just curious about IoT. Each of the Tracks is programmed for a single or for multiple days and is designed to be highly interactive. We ask that speakers remain with a Track for its duration, register for one of the conference options, and are willing to share ;their presentation on the conference website after their talk is delivered. If you are interested in being a speaker and/or suggesting a speaker, Please submit the following information to the Vertica and Topica program chair, Adam Drobot,,by November 30,2019

    Title and abstract of the suggested talk

    TBio and brief CV

    T Any suggested plans, ideas, and/or demonstration

Vertical Tracks


    Oil, Gas, and Energy

    Environment and Ecology (Including Oceanographic Studies)


    Industry and Manufacturing (Including Shipbuilding and Logistics)

    Smart Cities

Topical Area Tracks

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Computing and Information Processing

    Data and Data Engineering

    Security and Privacy

    Sensors, RFID, and Sensor Systems

    Communication, Connectivity, and Networking

More information can be found through the conference website at:  
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