Instrument Technology Federation of CIS

May 15,2019

Instrument Technology Federation of China Instrument and Control Society

General Situation:
The Instrument Technology Federation of China Instrument and Control Society is composed of individuals and related departments in the field of instrument and technology. It is a mass academic group of science and technology workers in the instrumentation technology industry in China. The branch is led by the China Instrument and Control Society and the Secretariat is linked to Shenyang Academy of Instrumentation Science Co., Ltd. The branch has long been committed to the popularization and application of instrument technology knowledge, professional training and consulting services.

Branch council and Secretariat

Instrument Technique and Sensor (Monthly) was founded in 1964. It is a professional scientific and technological journal for instrument industry and as one of the most influential journals in the instrument industry in China. Mainly reports instruments, sensors, sensitive technology, electronic technology, testing equipment, automation control system and related technology, application technology, etc.

Major academic activities:
The branch has organized its members attended to various academic conferences, forums, technical exchanges, in order to build a platform for academic exchanges and industry-university-research cooperation for experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in the sensitive element and sensors field in China; beside, the branch also helps to explore and discuss integrate the development of sensor technology with industries, share the achievements and experiences of sensor industrialization.


Address: 242 Beihai street, dadong district, Shenyang 110043

Company: Shenyang Academy of Instrumentation Science Co.

Contact person:   Zhang Yang(13840228610)

Tel(Fax):  024-88718473