May 07,2019

Education Working Committee of China Instrument and Control Society (EWCIS) was established in Shanghai in 1981. It is a national professional branch of China Instrument and Control Society. The Secretariat of EWCIS is affiliated with Shanghai Polytechnic University. EWCIS has long been committed itself to the research and reform on teaching of the major of Measurement Control Technology and Instruments and other related majors, especially for the promotion and application of new technologies in the field of instrumentation and measurement control.

Main Academic Activities
EWCIS is a platform for the exchanges of research and reform on teaching in Measurement Control Technology and Instruments. It regularly holds exchanges of results of research and reform on teaching in instruments, measurement and control technologies and other related majors in national engineering colleges.

EWCIS actively introduces and recommends various professional competitions and professional engineer qualifications organized by the Society to all member units.

EWCIS invites industry experts and related companies to hold technical reports and lectures.

EWCIS promotes the popularization of science and technology in various primary and secondary schools, universities and enterprises.

EWCIS strengthens international cooperation and exchanges and enhances the international influence of the Institute.

Contact Information

Affiliated Units: Shanghai Polytechnic University
Contact: Zimei Tu
Contact Number: 021-50211173
Address: No. 2360, Jinhai Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai (201209)
E-mail: zmtu@sspu.edu.cn
Website: http://www.sspu.edu.cn