May 07,2019

Electromagnetic Measurement and Information Processing Instrument Branch of China Instruments Society

The Electromagnetic Measuring and Information Processing Instruments Branch of China Instruments Society (ECIS), founded in October, 1979 and belonging to China Instruments Manufactures Association, it is a national academic organization voluntarily composed of units and expert members who are engaged in electromagnetic measurement, communication, information processing and R&D, production, teaching, application and management in electrical instrumentation field. ECIS has 225 members, 167 directors, and the venue and secretariat are based in Harbin Research Institute of Electrical Instrumentation Co., Ltd. The journal sponsored by the ECIS is Electrical Measurement & Instrument.

The society focuses on academic exchanges, technique promotion, personnel training, constantly improving the industry innovation ability and international competitiveness. It safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of workers in science and technology, reflects their views and appeals, delivers and implements the governmental science and technology strategies, policies and regulations, and assists Government in formulating the industrial technology development planning, which plays a bridge linking role between the Government and scientific and technological workers. Moreover, it is entrusted by governmental departments to provide the soft scientific projects on feasibility studies, assessment, evaluation, review, training, and consulting services, etc. as well as entrusted by enterprises and institutions to provide technical consultation, technology development, technology transfer and technical appraisal services etc. In addition, it researches on the National Science and Technology Development Plan and related policies, scientific and technological information collection and release at home and abroad, technology development tracking and prediction, organizes domestic and foreign technical exchanges and academic seminars, overseas visit and international technical cooperation, as well as carries out technical consultation and technical support, continuing education and professional training, and organizes joint declaration and implementation of national science and technology projects. ECIS is devoted to continuously promote national electromagnetic measurement technology, instrument disciplines and electrical instrumentation industries in China.

Address: No.2000, Chuangxin Road, Harbin, China

Contacts: Xiancheng Liu,Lei Yu

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