CIS 2016 Scientific and Technology Awards

Apr 26,2019

The First Prize of Scientific and Technology Award (With no particular order) 
1. Software V&V Methods and System for Safety Digital I&C System of Nuclear Power Plant
- China General Nuclear Power Corporation
2. Development and Industrialization of Elements Analysis Instruments with  High Performance Full Spectrum Technologies
- Focused Photonics Inc.
3. AV4151F Modulation Domain Analyzer
-  The 41st Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation
4. Integrated Surface Observation System
-  Meteorological Observation Center of CMA

The Second Prize of Scientific and Technology Award (With no particular order)
1. Oil and Gas Production IOT System Research and Industrial Application
- China University of Petroleum(Beijing)
2. Large-scale Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor Nuclear Power Plant Diversity Actuation System Design Technology
-  China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd
3. Technology and System Design of Fluorescence Optical Fiber Detection of Organic Matter
- Yanshan University
4. Multiport Electronic Calibration Modules
-  The 41st Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation
5. Solar Panel Array Simulaton
- The 41st Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation
6. R&D of LiB management system & packing design technology and its applications in BESS
-  Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The Third Prize of Scientific and Technology Award (With no particular order)
1.  Sinopec Pipeline East Gas Project
- Beijing Consen Automation Control Co., Ltd
2. Stereo Channel Ultrasonic Fluid Energy Meter
- Basic Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.
3. Functional safety float level gauge
-  Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd.
4. Intersecting Line Welding Robot for Intelligent Manufacturing of Digital Welding Workshop
- Shanghai Institute of Process Automation Instrumentation
5. Research on Information Security Technology of Industrial Ethernet Based on Protocol Anomaly Detection
- ShenZhen Institute of Information Technology
6. The online monitoring system of capacitor voltage transformer based on integrated parameters
- State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Corporation Metering Center
7. Research and Application of Close Loop Control Commissioning in Nuclear Power Plant
- China Nuclear Power Engineering Co,.Ltd
8. Intelligent pressure controller
- Beijing ConST Instruments Technology, Inc.
9. Research and Practice on integrated prevention technology of crude oil production
- The Second Exploitation Factory of Hubei Oilfield Company
10. Key technology research and equipment development on monitor of contamination and wear debris in oil
- Tianjin University
11. Accurate measurement of isotope amount ratios of single crystal silicon by gas isotopic ratio mass spectroscopy
- National Institute of Metrology of China
12. A New Dynamic Adsorption Method
- Beijing JWGB Sci & Tech Co., Ltd.
13. Production Equipment for Ultra Thin Material Consistency Detection
- Changzhou institute of technology
14. The Test System for the Vacuum Booster Performance with BA Function
- China jiliang university

Scientific and Technical Achievement Award (With no particular order)
1. Petroleum exploration and development visual decision system
- Hebei Instruments and Meters Engineering Technology Research Center
2. High accelerated life test technology based on integrated environmental for PV modules
- Guangdong Testing Institute of Product Quality Supervision
3. Nuclear Power Plane 1E Safety Important Assessment and Certification Technology
- Shanghai Institute of Process Automation Instrumentation
4.System and method of digital input electricity meter reliability testing based on sampling value message transmission fault simulation technology
- State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Corporation Metering Center
5. Battery state intelligent monitoring system
- Nanjing Delto Technology Co., Ltd.
6. On research and application of  test technology for control system on offstore oil platforms
- CNOOC Energy Technology and Services Limited
7. SOC Broadband Dual Mode DLMS Interactive STS Single Phase Charge Control Intelligent Electric Energy Meter
- Ningxia Longi Ninguan (LGG) Instrument Co., Ltd.
8. Promote Industry Automation and Standardization, Assist Enterprises Transformation , Upgrading and Innovation
- Instrumentation Technology and Economy Institute, P. R. China
9.The draft identification system with real-time contrast function
- Guangzhou Yinke Electronics Co., Ltd
10. Picosecond Ultraviolet Laser Ablation System
- Ningbo Academy of Inspection and Quarantine
11.Development and Application of High Power Effective DBD ozone generator
- North China University of Technology
12. Large Crane Metal Structure Health Monitoring and Early Warning System
- Guangzhou Academy of Special Equipment Inspection & Testing
13. Water Environment Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Network
- Nanchang institute of technology
14. Study on the Key Technology of CINRAD Data Quality Control and support
- Hebei Meteorological Information Center
15. Construction and Promotion of Network Assembly Schedule Bus Operation Platform
- Institute of Geography

Superior Product Award (With no particular order)
1. MADA-2000 Multiagent Decision Analysis Platform Software for Integrated Conversation
- Hohai University
2. MDP Series Atmosphere Impact Resistance Molecular Pump
- BeiJing BeiYi Innovation vacuum technology Co., Ltd
3. ADTS Series Air Data Testing System
- Taiyuan Taihang Press Testing Technology Co., Ltd
4. GC8000 Process Gas Chromatograph
- Yokogawa China Co., Ltd
5. Infrared  Syngas  Analyzer
- Wuhan Cubic Optoelectronics Co., Ltd
6. QGS-08 Series Modular Gas Analyzer
- Beijing Baif-Maihak Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd.
7. Down hole NMR scientific instruments
- China University of Petroleum-Beijing
8. Research and industrial application of radar level meter
- Beijing JingYi-Hifor Automation Instrument Co. Ltd
9. Equipment of AC magnetic field immunity test
- Harbin Research Institute of Electrical Instruments
10. Optical-fiber Water Quality Sensors for Moving Detection in Underwater Robot
- Zhongshui Sanli Data Technology Co., Ltd
11. Intelligent differential pressure fluid volume metering device
- Beijing Yadan Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd