Guangdong Instrument and Control Society

May 15,2019

Guangdong Instrument and Control Society, GDICS for short, is an academic and public nonprofit organization with legal registration, composed of professionals in the field of instrumentation and science & technology in Guangdong Province, aim to promote the development and popularization of instrumentation and automation science and technology, is an integral part of the Guangdong Science and Technology Association.

GDICS conscientiously implement the policy of CCP, carry out the policy of " The Hundred Flowers Campaign", adhere to the principle of democracy, fully promote academic democracy, carry out academic freedom discussion, promote dialectical materialism and historical materialism, adhere to the scientific spirit of seeking truth from facts, pioneering and innovating, advancing with the Times, Scientific attitude and excellent style of study, unite and organize the vast number of scientific and technological workers in the field of instruments and meters, develop instrument business, improve the level of instrument industry, revitalize instrument industry, accelerate the realization of the socialist modernization of Guangdong province.