May 07,2019

Notice of the 5th China International Conference on Nuclear Power Instrumentation & Control Technology

To relevant authorities and associations:

In order to further promote the communication & cooperation on nuclear electronic instrument and control technology between China and international industry, China Instrument and Control Society, Chinese Nuclear Society are scheduled to host the 5th China (International) Conference on Nuclear Power Instrumentation & Control Technology between June 19 and June 20, 2019 in Shanghai.

This conference is themed on “Safety, Green, Teamwork and Innovation”. The leaders, executives and experts from related government agencies, domestic and foreign industry organizations, universities, scientific research institutions, nuclear power enterprises, design organizations, as well as instrument and control equipment enterprises will be invited to attend the conference to express their views on development of nuclear instrument and control technology.

The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I. Organizers

1. Chief organizers:
China instrument and Control Society (CIS)
Chinese Nuclear Society (CNS)
2. Undertakers:
Shanghai Institute of Process Automation & Instrumentation (SIPAI)
Shanghai Inspection and Testing Institute of Instruments and Automatic Systems (SITIIAS) 
3. Co-organizers:
Xi'an Nuclear Equipment Co., Ltd (XNE)
State Nuclear Power Automation System Engineering Co., Ltd (SNPAS)
China Technology Co., Ltd (CGN)

II. Conference exhibition affairs

Exhibition scope: measuring, adjusting and controlling instrument and system device, power distribution box, instrument cable, other products necessary for power supply and nuclear power instrument control engineering.

III. Conference arrangement

Conference site: Golden Tulip Shanghai Rainbow
Conference address: No.2000, Yan'an (Rd.), Shanghai (adjacent to Xianxia Rd.)
Conference time: June 19 - 20, 2019
On June 19th, the conference focuses on all-day reports, exhibition and communication.
On June 20th , the conference focuses on specific exchanges in the morning, and technical visit in the afternoon.

IV.  Conference matter 

Future Xpo Co., Ltd is authorized by the conference to be in charge of related matters.

V. Registration matter

1. Conference fee (including document fee, ticket and catering fee): RMB 1,800 per person from China and $ 300 per person from foreign countries;
2. Accommodation: accommodation fee shall be at the own expense. Please consult the front desk in hotel. Standard room/king size bed room: RMB 700 per night (RMB 350/one bed/per night), Golden Tulip Shanghai Rainbow.
3. Please register the conference through China instrument and Control Society (, Chinese Nuclear Society ( official website or login in
4. The invoice of conference matter shall be issued by China instrument and Control Society and the invoice of accommodation fee shall be issued by hotel.

VI. Conference consultation

Conference contacts: Mrs. Mengyu Zhang
Mobile: 18612518701
Tel: 010-82800873