MEMS & NEMS Society of China

May 07,2019

China Instrument and Control Society MEMS & NEMS Society of China 

China Instrument and Control Society MEMS & NEMS Society of China(MNSC,CIS)was established in Beijing in July 2005 with the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the support of the government. The branch is a national secondary society, which is affiliated with Tsinghua Universit. The Society is committed to promoting and encouraging technological innovation, industrial development and the cultivation of young scientific and technological talents in the field of micro-nano devices and systems in China.

Academic Committee, Organizational Working Committee, Secretariat

MEMS&NEMS was established in May 2007.It is an important platform for learning to promote the innovative micro-nano technologies, strengthen academic exchanges and accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. MEMS&NEMS is focused on the latest technology development at home and abroad and aiming to provide communication and consultation services for the application of new technologies in various fields, also to promote the promotion and application of nanotechnology in China.

Major academic activities
The International Workshop on Innovation and Commercialization of Micro & Nanotechnology(ICMAN) is an annual International Academic Conference on "Innovation and Industrialization", which is aiming at exchanging the needs of China and the world market for micro-nanotechnology, exploring the commercialization model of micro-nanotechnology, promoting investment and technical cooperation in micro-nanotechnology between China and relevant regions and building a network platform for the development of micro-nanotechnology in Asia.The scale of the conference is about 100 to 150 people, and foreign delegates account for nearly 30%. Each session has received great support from government departments. In recent years, it has become an influential forum for micro-nano industry at home and abroad. It has a far-reaching impact on helping enterprises and institutions, scientific research institutions and colleges in China to understand and better participate in the industrialization process of micro-nano technology.

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