Image Science and Engineering Society

May 07,2019

Image Science and Engineering Society of China 

1.1  About ISE of China
Image Science and Engineering Society of China, ISE of China for short, is a public welfare, academic and non-profit association composed of national image science and engineering technology scientists for the purpose of promoting the development and application of image science and engineering technology.

Main Mission of ISE of China: to carry out academic exchanges in the field of image science and engineering technology, and popularize the application of related technologies; to provide relevant consultation for the industry, and promote industry products and services; to provide relevant training certification, award recommendation for members, and organize standards development, exhibition activities, talent recommendation and other services.

1.2 Administration
Founded in 2012, the society is now attached to the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education of Photoelectric Information Technology (Tianjin University), and the southern office is located in Shenzhen Yutong Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. (Yutong Research Institute).


1.3 Technical Field
ISE of China involves not only optics, electronic information, communication and other information sciences, but also instruments, materials, manufacturing and other engineering sciences, as well as biology, medicine and other life sciences. Its technology and achievements are also widely used in aerospace, oceanography, geography and astronomy and other more extensive fields.

Image science and engineering is one of the most active directions of technology development and innovation. At present, image science and engineering are at the core of many fields. ISE of China mainly involves the following contents:

1. The foundation and theoretical frontier of image science and engineering (theory, technology, algorithm, equipment, hardware and software, etc.);
2. Hard copy of image (multiplexing, printing, etc.);
3. 3D technology (imaging, printing and display, including hardware and software, technology research and development, etc.);
4. Display technology (virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.);
5. Professional image technology (THz/infrared, biomedical, industrial testing, machine vision, etc.).

1.4 Contact us
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