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About CIS

    General Information
Founded in 1979, the nonprofit China Instrument and Control Society (CIS, formerly China Instrument Society) is the leading academic organization in instrumentation, measurement, control and automation in China.
With 42,000 individual members, 2100 group members, 41 technical divisions, 29 local sections, and 10 ad hoc committees, CIS publishes six academic and technical journals on measurement & control and instrumentation, and has hosted MICONEX (Multinational Instrumentation Conference and Exhibition) annually since 1983, providing a forum for innovation as well as science & technology awards.
Located in Beijing, China’s capital, CIS is a bridge between Chinese governmental administrations, industries, scientists, engineers, researchers and manufacturers.
Our Mission
CIS designs, promotes and encourages membership by:
certifying industry professionals
providing education and training
consulting on technical projects
fielding market surveys & research
publishing technical papers and articles
enhancing professional leadership and personal career development
hosting conferences and exhibitions for manufacturers and companies
evaluating science & technology awards
developing industry standards

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