May 09, 2017

CIS 2016 Scientific and Technology Awards


The First Prize of Scientific and Technology Award (With no particular order) 
1. Software V&V Methods and System for Safety Digital I&C System of Nuclear Power Plant
- China General Nuclear Power Corporation
2. Development and Industrialization of Elements Analysis Instruments with  High Performance Full Spectrum Technologies
- Focused Photonics Inc.
3. AV4151F Modulation Domain Analyzer
-  The 41st Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

4. Integrated Surface Observation System
-  Meteorological Observation Center of CM

The Second Prize of Scientific and Technology Award (With no particular order)
1. Oil and Gas Production IOT System Research and Industrial Application
- China University of Petroleum(Beijing)
2. Large-scale Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor Nuclear Power Plant Diversity Actuation System Design Technology
-  China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd
3. Technology and System Design of Fluorescence Optical Fiber Detection of Organic Matter
- Yanshan University
4. Multiport Electronic Calibration Modules
-  The 41st Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation
5. Solar Panel Array Simulaton
- The 41st Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation
6. R&D of LiB management system & packing design technology and its applications in BESS
-  Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The Third Prize of Scientific and Technology Award (With no particular order)
1.  Sinopec Pipeline East Gas Project
- Beijing Consen Automation Control Co., Ltd
2. Stereo Channel Ultrasonic Fluid Energy Meter
- Basic Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.
3. Functional safety float level gauge
-  Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd.
4. Intersecting Line Welding Robot for Intelligent Manufacturing of Digital Welding Workshop
- Shanghai Institute of Process Automation Instrumentation
 Research on Information Security Technology of Industrial Ethernet Based on Protocol Anomaly Detection
- ShenZhen Institute of Information Technology
6. The online monitoring system of capacitor voltage transformer based on integrated parameters
- State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Corporation Metering Center
7. Research and Application of Close Loop Control Commissioning in Nuclear Power Plant
- China Nuclear Power Engineering Co,.Ltd
8. Intelligent pressure controller
- Beijing ConST Instruments Technology, Inc.
9. Research and Prac
tice on integrated prevention technology of crude oil production
- The Second Exploitation Factory of Hubei Oilfield Company
10. Key technology research and equipment development on monitor of contamination and wear debris in oil
- Tianjin University
11. Accurate measurement of isotope amount ratios of single crystal silicon by gas isotopic ratio mass spectroscopy
- National Institute of Metrology of China
12. A New Dynamic Adsorption Method
- Beijing JWGB Sci & Tech Co., Ltd.
13. Production Equipment for Ultra Thin Material Consistency Detection
- Changzhou institute of tec
14. The Test System for the Vacuum Booster Performance with BA Function
- China jiliang university

Scientific and Technical Achievement Award (With no particular order)
1. Petroleum exploration and development visual decision system
- Hebei Instruments and Meters Engineering Technology Research Center
2. High accelerated life test technology based on integrated environmental for PV modules

- Guangdong Testing Institute of Product Quality Supervision
3. Nuclear Power Plane 1E Safety Important Assessment and Certification Technology
Shanghai Institute of Process Automation Instrumentation
4.System and method of digital input electricity meter reliability testing based on sampling value message transmission fault simulation technology
- State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Corporation Metering Center
 Battery state intelligent monitoring syste
Nanjing Delto Technology Co., Ltd.
6. On research and application of  test technology for control system on offstore oil platforms

y Technology and Services Limited
 SOC Broadband Dual Mode DLMS Interactive STS Single Phase Charge Control Intelligent Electric Energy Meter
Ningxia Longi Ninguan (LGG) Instrument Co., Ltd.
8. Promote Industry Automation and Standardization, Assist Enterprises Transformation , Upgrading and Innovation
 Instrumentation Technology and Economy Institute, P. R. China
9.The draft identification system with real-time contrast function
Guangzhou Yinke Electronics Co., Ltd

10. Picosecond Ultraviolet Laser Ablation System
- Ningbo Academy of Inspection and Quarantin
11.Development and Application of High Power Effective DBD ozone generator
North China University of Technology

12. Large Crane Metal Structure Health Monitoring and Early Warning System
- Guangzhou Academy of Special Equipment Inspection & Testing
13. Water Environment Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Network
Nanchang institute of technology

14. Study on the Key Technology of CINRAD Data Quality Control and support
Hebei Meteorological Information Center

15. Construction and Promotion of Network Assembly Schedule Bus Operation Platform
Institute of Geography

Superior Product Award (With no particular order)
1. MADA-2000 Multiagent Decision Analysis Platform Software for Integrated Conversation
- Hohai University
2. MDP Series Atmosphere Impact Resistance Molecular Pump
- BeiJing BeiYi Innovation vacuum technology Co., Ltd
3. ADTS Series Air Data Testing System
Taiyuan Taihang Press Testing Technology Co., Ltd
4. GC8000 Process Gas Chromatograph
- Yokogawa China Co., Ltd
5. Infrared  Syngas  Analyzer
Wuhan Cubic Optoelectronics Co., Ltd
6. QGS-08 Series Modular Gas Analyzer
- Beijing Baif-Maihak Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd.
7. Down hole NMR scientific instruments
China University of Petroleum-Beijing
8. Research and industrial application of radar level meter
- Beijing JingYi-Hifor Automation Instrument Co. Ltd
9. Equipment of AC magnetic field immunity test
Harbin Research Institute of Electrical Instruments
10. Optical-fiber Water Quality Sensors for Moving Detection in Underwater Robot
- Zhongshui Sanli Data Technology Co., Ltd
11. Intelligent differential pressure fluid volume metering device
Beijing Yadan Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd 


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