Sept 26, 2017

CIS 2017 Conference & Sessions

Topics for Miconex 2017 Conference & Sessions

1. 2017 International (Shanghai) Summit on Industrial Internet of Things and Sensing Technology

2. 2017 International (Shanghai) Conference on Laser Manufacturing Technology Innovation

3. 2017 International (Shanghai) Symposium on Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Technology Solutions

4. 2017 International Forum on Next Generation Field Bus Technology and Solution 

5. 2017 International (Shanghai) Seminar on Nuclear Power Instrument & Control Application Technology and Solutions

6. 2017 International (Shanghai) Seminar on Smart Chip Technology and Applications

7. 2017 International (Shanghai) Symposium on Intelligent Testing Technology for Food, Medicine and Agricultural Products

8. 2017 International (Shanghai) Symposium on Medical Instrument and Bio-Engineering Technology Application

9. 2017 International (Shanghai) Seminar on Electric Power Automation Technology and Solutions

10. 2017 International (Shanghai) Seminar on Smart Digital Display Instrument Technology and Application

11. 2017 International (Shanghai) Forum on Smart Lad Instruments and Equipment Applications and Solutions

12. 2017 International (Shanghai) Conference on Intelligent Vehicle and Service Robot Technology

13. 2017 International (Shanghai) Seminar on Civil-Military Integration Intelligent Technology Application 

14. 2017 International (Shanghai) Symposium on Industrial Internet Plus Safety Instrument

15. 2017 International (Shanghai) Symposium on Intelligent Valve Technology and Actuator Solutions

16. 2017 Symposium on Industrial Control Network Security and Solutions

17. 2017 Symposium on Financial Institutions to Help Enterprise Innovation and Transformation

18. Current Exhibition: Miconex 2017


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